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Welcome to LK Foods & Beverages

At the heart of everything we do is our strong conviction that we can bring food to every table in a socially and environmentally equitable manner.

Adding value to produce (such as cornflakes) has nation-wide benefit along the entire value chain of the corn industry. Sun-dried fruits and vegetables ensure that produce which would otherwise waste away is available to feed the hungry for a day longer!

Our instant foods reduce:

  • cooking time,
  • burden on women and girl-child,
  • energy demand, and
  • deforestation

In fact to many a cost- and environmentally-savvy consumer, there is no more maize flour in Uganda, there is only INSTANT® flour!

Foreign visitors who taste Uganda’s fresh fruits affirm that it is their life’s first experience! Bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avocado, passion fruit, jackfruit… every fruit here drips with succulence and aroma you don’t find anywhere else in the world - and they are all purely natural.

Uganda, “the pearl of Africa”, is truly gifted by nature.



Eng. Lammeck Kajubi

Our core products & services

  • Fresh Produce

    We export the following produce

    Avocado, Cassava tubers, Dessert bananas, Egg plant, Fresh beans, Fresh maize, Ginger, Green bananas (“matooke” for steaming, cooking, frying), Groundnuts (peanuts), Jackfruit, Mangoes, Okra, Passion fruit, Pineapples, Plantain, Sweet bananas, Sweet potatoes.

    We make effort to know our out-growers personally because our business depends on them. We walk their fields, learn how they farm, provide guidance and technical support. Our aim is to ensure an equitable relationship with all our suppliers, everywhere in Uganda.

    Read more about Fresh Produce

  • INSTANT® flour

    We produce the widely renowned INSTANT® flour from quality maize carefully selected from our farmers.

    Traditional maize meal (posho) requires over 30 minutes of cooking and porridge a lot more, impressing a considerable energy (firewood, charcoal, electricity) demand on consumers

    The concept of instant foods was conceived from three facts that:

    • a) Conventional meals take long to cook,
    • b) Burdensome energy cost due to skyrocketing wood and charcoal prices,
    • c) Alarming deforestation rate due to increasingly lucrative charcoal and wood fuel trade.

    Read more about INSTANT® flour

  • Sun-dried fruit

    Tropical environment for the best fruit

    Due to its location at the equator, Uganda is one of few countries in the world with an extraordinary year-round climate, allowing the growth of countless fruits and vegetables.

    Reasonable Prices

    At reasonable prices, we can supply high quality bulk dried fruits dried in Uganda’s tropical sun in critically controlled conditions that assure preservation of quality, hygiene, taste and aroma characteristic to Uganda’s tropical produce.

    Read more about Sun-dried Fruits

  • BEST® Cornflakes

    Healthy Foods!

    Our cornflakes are produced with your health in mind and you will find characteristics below on every pack of BEST® Cornflakes you buy:
    • 1. No added sugar.
    • 2. Fortified with minerals.
    • 3. Fortified with up to seven vitamins.
    • 4. Produced under highest hygiene conditions, food quality and safety standards regulated by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

    Uganda's favourite brand

    BEST® Cornflakes is Uganda’s favorite cold breakfast cereal produced from Uganda’s tasty maize carefully procured from rural farmers in Uganda.Read more about BEST® Cornflakes

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Who we are

Our business aspiration is to provide affordable food in a way that conserves the natural environment and dignity of producers in Uganda.

We procure our produce from farming communities in rural Uganda, who grow it naturally without or just minimal use of regulated agro-chemicals.

We can proudly say that we are not only the best in the business but also a trusted supplier for quite a number of multi-nationals.

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Quality & Food Safety Director


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